Ireland Autumn Grassland Tips

Time: 15 min

Martin Fitzpatrick takes you through some weed control tips for different grassland situations.

Later Summer Weed Control

Time: 6 min

Brent Gibbon explains why controlling weeds up to late September can be better than spring.

Thrust usage recommendation

Time: 6 min

Thrust is a key product in grassland; 2,4-D + dicamba. Here’s some advice if you’re considering it in your spray program.

Phenoxy Stewardship Guide

Time: 7 min

Phenoxy products make up a large proportion of grassland herbicides. When using them it’s important to be aware of stewardship practices while using them.

How To Control Ragwort

Time: 10 min

Ragwort can be toxic to livestock. If you’re in a situation where you need to treat and remove it, here are some top tips.