200 g/kg metsulfuron-methyl

A water dispersible granule formulation containing 200 g/kg (20% w/w) metsulfuron-methyl for the control of spring weed control in wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale, and for use in green cover on land not being used for production e.g. set-aside.


The susceptibility ratings of weeds in the following table assume good spray cover and good growing conditions


Weed species

Weed growth stage


Plants up to 2 expanded true leaves* Plants up to 6 expanded true leaves* Plant up to 15 cm across/high*
Convolvulus arvensis MS MR R
Ranunculus repens S MS R
Raphanus raphanistrum S S S
Stellaria media S S MS
Chrysanthemum segetum S S MS
Spergula spp. S S S
Geranium molle S S  
Lamium purpureum S S MS
Rumex spp. S S S
Chenopodium album S MR R
Veronica persica S S MS
Myosotis arvensis S MS MS
Aethusa cynapium S S MS
Galeopsis tetrahit S S S
Polygonum aviculare S MS MS
Matricaria spp. S S S
Urtica urens S S
Lapsana communis S S
Atriplex patula MS R R
Polygonum lapathifolium S S S
Viola arvensis S MS MS
Aphanes microcarpa S S S
Papaver rhoeas S S MS
Polygonum persicaria S S S
Anagallis mas S S S
Capsella bursa-pastoris S S S
Sonchus arvensis S S
Euphorbia helioscopia S MS
Cirsium arvense MS MS MS
Brassica napus S S
Beta vulgaris S S S
Reseda lutea S MS MR

S = Susceptible, MS = Moderately Susceptible, MR = Moderately Resistant, R = Resistant