The 2023 campaign has begun and Nufarm Italia’s Kestrel (acetamiprid 200 g/l) and Kaimo Sorbie (lambda-cyhalothrin 5%) insecticides, both distributed by Sumitomo Chemical, represent two key allies in the fight against various pests having a broad label which includes the most harmful insects of pome fruits, stone fruits and grapevine such as cidia, cimice, codling moth, moth, leafhoppers and aphids.

Against Asian bugs, experiments and experiences in the field have highlighted the validity of the Kestrel, in the total control of the juvenile forms and in the high containment of the adults, confirming it among the most effective products against this fearsome insect. Against Carpocapsa and Cidia both on pome fruit and stone fruit, it is proposed as the reliable and optimal solution for the management of these parasites and others often present at the same time. Kestrel is now a consolidated point of reference also for the control of the cherry fly, thanks to its effectiveness and the short pre-harvest interval (3 days).

Due to climate change and increasingly exasperated globalization, new exogenous insects become worrying. Kestrel and Kaimo Sorbie can easily obtain label extensions and become a solution even for the future.

Kestrel characterized by a high concentration of active principle and by an exclusive formulation with adjuvants and co-formulants which guarantees: Better efficacy, Longer duration of protection, Resistance to washout

Kaimo Sorbie stands out for its exclusive and patented formulation process called Sorbie technolgy: High knockdown effect, Good duration of protection, Guaranteed efficacy at lower concentrations of grams of active per hectare compared to other pyrethroids

Grazie a kestrel raggiungiamo indenni la maturità tecnologica dei frutti soddisfando il consumatore e anche i nostri sacrifici

Stefania Curci - tecnico di campo-
Want to have good results and save your time?

Due to the multiple target effect of Kestrel and the fast activity of Kaimo Sorbie you can reach easily the harvest, with grater agility in the field because of the very low pre-harvest interval.

Sheda tecnica Kestrel e Kaimo Sorbie

Timing of Kestrel

Choosing the right timing you are able to manage different pest present in the field at the same time, this means you are saving time.

The “dark green” insect are the ones we already have in the label, the ” light green” are the pest that we are moving to insert them in, but we know we have good side effects.

Kestrel and pome fruits (average of 42 trials)

Kestrel and pome fruits (average of 42 trials)

Example of efficacy and multi-target effect in pome fruits (average of 42 trials).Thanks to wide spectrum you are able to manage different pest in the field with very good efficacy

Sorbie technology

Kaimo Sorbie: Initially (STEP 1) the active substance Lambda Cyalothrina (LC) is formulated with solvents and co-formulants and is presented as a Concentrated Emulsion. Subsequently (STEP 2) a solid inert is added to improve the physical characteristics of the product, obtaining a stable granule with high safety of use. When the SORBIE granule is dissolved in water, the inert is solubilized  and the emulsion is ready to be distributed. Once the solution has been sprayed, the active substance, thanks to the co-formulants present, fixes on the vegetation and on the body of the insects with an immediate killing effect

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