Corporate Governance

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Nufarm is a global leader with a strong leadership team and a solid governance framework for making effective and responsible decisions.

Read our 2018 Corporate Governance Statement for how we applied the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations during 2018.

Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors is responsible for governance and company oversight. It ensures we conduct business in our shareholders’ best interests and with proper regard to the interests of all other stakeholders.

Nomination and appointment of Directors
Management and oversight of the company
Performance of the Board and key executives


Board related charters
Here we describe the purpose, powers and responsibilities of the Board and its committees:

Board Charter
Nomination and governance committee charter
Audit and risk committee charter
Health, safety and environment committee charter
Human resources committee charter


Conduct and ethics
Here we outline the codes, policies and statements that form our conduct and ethics framework:

Code of conduct
Global supplier code of conduct
Human rights policy
Modern slavery statement
Diversity and inclusion policy
Anti-bribery policy


Other company policies
Risk oversight and management
Security trading policy
Communications policy
Continuous disclosure protocol