Nufarm is excited to announce the launch and first commercial sales of Amishield® fungicide for the Australian and New Zealand agriculture markets, containing a new and unique active ingredient, Amisulbrom.

Amishield 500WG fungicide will provide Australian and New Zealand horticultural growers with an excellent new option to control difficult to manage diseases in high value horticulture crops, including powdery scab in potatoes (Australia only) and clubroot in vegetable brassicas (both Australia & New Zealand).

Amishield is a novel group 21 fungicide and an important new tool for resistance management. Amishield will protect potatoes from the moment they are planted in the ground.  It will protect brassicas from the nursery before they are planted.  Due to its mode of action, Amishield is particularly strong against oomycete diseases and as such will also provide suppression of pink rot and damping off. 

Ongoing development work from Nufarm is underway to investigate additional registrations in more crops to control more diseases with Amishield.

Amishield is a high quality granular formulation that has been developed with the grower in mind and is easy to mix, measure, store and use.  It is available now in a convenient 3kg pack.

Amishield delivers to growers the ability to control difficult to manage diseases and generate better returns on their investment.

Amishield has been developed for the Australian and New Zealand agricultural markets in partnership with Nissan Chemical Corporation.  Nissan Chemical Corporation developed the active ingredient Amisulbrom.

Amishield® is a registered trademark of Nufarm.

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