Summer and winter forages can be extremely valuable in supplying additional high quality feed during times of feed deficits. In this section we will highlight several tips to maximise results in Brassica, Maize and Forage Herb crops. These crops can be a significant investment, so managing these to maximise the farmers return from this investment becomes crucial.

Forage brassicas have a very flexible range of options to suit a broad range of feed demands. However, their yield potential can be impacted by weeds from early in their establishment along with pest pressure throughout the majority of their growing period.

Controlling weeds early with Director CS from pre-emergence to early post-emergence options such as Prestige, Archer 750 and SeQuence for key weeds with Attack or Kaiso 50WG for key insects can improve both crop yields and feed quality.

Because we trying to take a broadleaf weed out of a broadleaf crop, timing is crucial to minimise the potential impacts of both weeds and pests. Weeds are best controlled as small seedlings, we encourage farmers (or their advisors) to be walking these crops at least twice a week.

If you would like more information on insects, see Paddy’s blog which has some good options to improve your level of pest control using some of our Spraywise range. 

Jeff Hurst – Territory Manager Canterbury
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