Are spring germinating weeds an issue on your property? Will your pastures be a sea of colour come summer?
Don’t wait until they flower. Knock them out now before it’s too late.


The most common mistake farmers make is spraying too late. Just because you can’t see weeds in your pasture doesn’t mean they’re not there. Spring germinating (summer flowering) weeds can be present under pasture cover as seedlings and smaller plants.

Following grazing, the seedling weeds are exposed to sunlight and are likely to develop in the pasture to the point where they will be severely production limiting.

If these weeds are left until they are mature and flowering, then it’s too late. They will be very difficult, if not impossible to control.

Nufarm has all the products you need to combat your spring weeds. Identify the young weeds present in your pastures and protect them by spraying early this spring.