The all-in-one insecticide for broad spectrum pest control in fodder crops, citrus, avocados, tomatoes, persimmons, grapes, vegetable brassicas and flowers

  • Easy to use
  • Controls all major pests – leaf miner, aphids, nysius, springtails, Argentine stem weevil, diamondback moth, white butterfly caterpillars and mealy bug in one easy application.
  • Two active ingredients with different modes of action to improve control and manage resistance


Active Ingredients:   475g/L Pirimiphos-methyl and 25g/litre Permethrin 


Formulation:             Emulsifiable concentrate


Stock Withholding Period

Attack has a 7 day withholding period for grazing animals. Sheep and deer should be held from slaughter for 7 days if fed crops treated within 7-14 days of application.