Effective, biological protection against Botrytis in grapes.

Product Group: Fungicide
Active Ingredient: 5×109 cfu/g Aureobasidium pullulans
Formulation: Dust free, water dispersible granule (WDG)
FRAC Group NC Batericide


A “yeast-like” bio-fungicide which competes with pathogenic fungi e.g.: Botrytis for space and nutrients.



  • Protectant, biological fungicide for botrytis control with a broad window of application
  • Exemption from MRL’s enables close-to-harvest use (1 day WHP)
  • High and reliable efficacy in the field
  • Dust free, WDG formulation that is easy to measure and mix
  • Excellent compatibility with a broad range of commonly used insecticides, fungicides and adjuvants.  Refer to the label or discuss with your local Nufarm Territory Manager for a more comprehensive list
  • Alternative MOA for resistant strategies
  • Approved for use in Organic Production by BioGro


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