CyLex Plus

A natural plant growth regulator which induces thinning and return bloom in apples and pears.

  • Effective chemical thinning of apple and pear trees.
  • CyLex Plus treated trees produce bigger and firmer fruit.
  • Larger and more uniform fruit ensures higher pack out.
  • Trial and orchard results show continued return bloom year after year, reducing the risk of the next crop being an “off year”.


Active Ingredient:  20g/L 6-benzyladenine


Formulation:             Soluble concentrate



Do not mix CyLex Plus with other pesticides, growth regulators or fertilisers.


Withholding period:

Do not apply thinning treatments later than 30 days after full bloom.


Use of Surfactants:

Good coverage of the tree is important when applying CyLex Plus. CyLex Plus is a second generation formulation with a built-in surfactant. The addition of Regulaid to the spray mix will still improve efficacy and is recommended. It is important to use only the recommended surfactants as there is a possible risk of russet if using an unproven surfactant.


Directions for use

CyLex Plus is a secondary thinner designed for use on trees already treated at bloom with a primary thinner. Thinning response will normally be observed within 10 – 14 days of application. The use of CyLex Plus as a thinning agent may result in increased fruit firmness, improved fruit size, and higher return bloom in the following season in apples and pears.
The effectiveness of chemical thinning depends greatly on temperature, timing of application and tree vigour. Even and thorough coverage of the foliage and fruitlets is required. Please see the label for more information, including rates.

Crop Crop Stage Comments
Apples Apply when king fruitlets are between 7 and 12mm in diameter. For younger or smaller trees reduce the spray volume and rate of product/ha, based tree height and tree row volume.
To improve the consistency and amount of thinning, add Regulaid at 125ml/100L water.
Pears Apply after petal fall as soon as the weather is suitable, normally 10-25 days after full bloom. Use higher rates on harder to thin varieties. Use lower rates on easier to thin varieties and on vigorous trees. In some seasons higher rates may increase russet on smooth skinned varieties.
To improve consistency and amount of thinning, add Regulaid at 125ml/100L water.



Rainfall within 6 hours of CyLex Plus application may reduce activity. After rain, delay application until the foliage and fruit are free of surface droplets.