Dew 600


An insecticide for the control of insect pests of fruit and vegetable crops, cereals, fodder brassicas and pasture.

Product Group: Insecticide
Active Ingredient: 600g/L Diazinon
Formulation: Oil in water emulsion


  • Dew 600 is the only liquid diazinon registered for cereals.
  • No stock withholding period in fodder brassicas and pasture.
  • Option to tank-mix with CRUCIAL for spray-out prior to planting fodder brassicas.
  • Controls a wide range of pests including springtails, grass grub and porina.


Application by Crop:


ArmywormL/ha in 200L water/haApply in the early morning or late afternoon when caterpillars are feeding.
Grass grub4L/ha in 200L water/haApply to closely grazed pasture between February and April when grubs are feeding close to the surface but before damage has become too severe*.
Clover flea (Lucerne flea)460ml/ha in 200L water/haWhen insects first appear in autumn and repeat 4 weeks later or as necessary.
Porina1.5 – 2L/ha in 200L water/ha Apply to short, grazed pasture, preferably in late afternoon when frost is not expected. Use the higher rate when caterpillars are large and numerous or if pasture is dense.

Forage Brassicas

Springtails460ml/ha in 200L water/ha1-2 days before crop emergence.
Diamondback Moth
1L/ha in 110-170L water/haSpray early morning or late evening when the insects are actively feeding. Treat at the first sign of damage when most of the caterpillars are small.

* For grass grub control in pasture Dew 600 should be applied during rain or under irrigation. Refer to the label for specific details.


Dew 600 can be tank mixed with CRUCIAL, most insecticides and some fungicide formulations.