Dictate 480 is a selective contact herbicide for the control of chamomiles, stinking mayweed, cleavers, storksbill, Onehunga weed and other broadleaf weeds in onions, cereals, pasture, clover and grass seed crops, potatoes, soybeans, peas, lucerne, plantain and turf.

  • Fast and effective broadleaf weed knockdown as a stand alone or tank-mix partner product
  • Controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds in lucerne, new pasture and peas
  • Suitable as a tank-mix partner in new grass with Thistrol Plus
  • Excellent compatibility with Nufarm MCPB & Agritone 750


Active Ingredient: 480g/L Bentazone


Formulation: Soluble concentrate


What is Dictate 480?

Dictate 480 is a selective contact herbicide which works by inhibiting the weeds ability to produce nutrients as it impedes the photosynthesis process.


Soil Residues

Nil. Dictate 480 is not active in the soil and provides no residual activity therefore weeds must have germinated prior to application



Dictate is compatible with Nufarm MCPB 400, Thistrol Plus, Agritone 750 and Contact Xcel.
Please refer to the label for directions on tank-mix partners in specific crops.


Withholding/Non Grazing Periods

Pasture (grasses or mixed swards with clover and/or plantain), plantain or plantain/clover swards – do not graze or use for animal feed within 14 days of spraying.


Rainfast Period

Rain or irrigation within 8 hours of application may reduce effectiveness.



Dictate 480 is a selective contact herbicide which must be applied in sufficient water to ensure that all parts of the target weeds are thoroughly covered. Use high water rates (at least the minimum specified label rate).