Director CS


Offers early weed control to minimise competition with emerging brassica, vegetable and fodder beet crops.

  • Director CS is a herbicide which controls a range of difficult to control weeds such as Shepherd’s purse, wireweed, chickweed and cleavers before emergence.
  • Low-volatile clomazone formulation.
  • Can be tank mixed with other pre-emergent herbicides to widen the spectrum of weeds controlled.
  • Has both root and shoot activity.


Active Ingredient: 360g/litre Clomazone


Formulation: Capsule suspension


Weeds Controlled

Director CS will control a wide range of weeds including chickweed, sheperd’s purse, cleavers, wireweed, summer grass, groundsel, portulaca, Barnyard grass, henbit, sowthistle, twincress and speedwells. See the Director CS label for more information.

For other crops including carrots, peas, pumpkin, buttercup squash, potatoes, dwarf green beans and vegetable brassicas see the Director CS label.


Use pattern

Director CS can be used in a range of crops as listed below. For specific rates refer to the Director CS label.

Crop Use Notes
All vegetable crops Pre-emergence post sowing  
Fodder beet Pre-emergence post sowing  
Forage brassicas

Direct drill


Cultivated seed bed

Ridged crops

Apply with final CRUCIAL

Apply before broadcasting seed

Apply after sowing

Apply after ridging

Note: Soil moisture is required to activate Director CS. On dry soils a minimum of 13mm rainfall or irrigation is required for optimum weed control.

Crop whitening: some crop whitening can occur under certain conditions. This is typically seen only on the first two true leaves, and under normal growth the crop will rapidly recover having no effect on overall growth and yield.


Plant back intervals

Amount of Director CS applied Plant back interval
250-330ml/HA Any crop on the label can be replanted immediately
660-1L/HA  Replant only with cucurbits or legumes within 4 months of application.