A fast acting contact broadleaf herbicide for use in maize, sweetcorn and popcorn.

Product Group: Herbicide
Active Ingredient:
402g/L Bromoxynil
Formulation: Liquid suspension concentrate

Why you should use Nufarm Emblem Flo:

  • A double strength, liquid formulation means lower use rates
  • Multi-site complex mode of action, so resistance is less likely
  • Registered for the control of nodding thistle
  • Excellent use flexibility: Large window of application (stage 2 to 8 leaves), can be tank-mixed with Flowable Atrazine 600 or Latro┬« WG to broaden the weed spectrum and provide residual activity
  • Excellent crop safety
  • High load liquid formulation with unique formulation technology
  • Non residual contact herbicide providing excellent control of broadleaf weeds including black nightshade and triazine resistant fathen
  • Contact action provides rapid weed knockdown.