Emblem Flo


A fast acting contact broadleaf herbicide for use in maize, sweetcorn and popcorn.

  • A double strength, liquid formulation means lower use rates
  • Multi-site complex mode of action, so resistance is less likely
  • Registered for the control of nodding thistle


Active Ingredient: 402g/L Bromoxynil


Formulation:            Liquid suspension concentrate



  • Excellent use flexibility: Large window of application (stage 2 to 8 leaves), can be tank-mixed with Flowable Atrazine 600 or Latro® WG to broaden the weed spectrum and provide residual activity
  • Excellent crop safety
  • High load liquid formulation with unique formulation technology
  • Non residual contact herbicide providing excellent control of broadleaf weeds including black nightshade and triazine resistant fathen
  • Contact action provides rapid weed knockdown.


Tank Mix Partners

Emblem Flo is compatible with most triazine herbicides including Latro WG. Ensure continuous agitation and use tank mixtures immediately. Unless crop safety and compatibility is known, do not mix Emblem Flo with adjuvants, spraying oils, other pesticides, EC formulations, phenoxy herbicides, foliar fertilizers or trace elements.


Water Rates

Emblem Flo is a contact herbicide and good coverage of weed foliage is required. Apply in at least 200L water/ha.


Weeds Controlled:

Weed Optimum Growth Stage For Treatment
Canola regrowth, cornbind, pale willow weed, redroot (Amaranthus spp), willow weed, wireweed 1-5 leaf
Annual ragweed, bindweeds, black nightshade, chamomiles, charlock, cleavers, cornflower, corn gromwell, fathen (including triazine resistant fathen), galinsoga, groundsel, kickxia, mayweeds, mignonette, nodding thistle, orache, penny cress, red dead nettle, scarlet pimpernel, shepherd’s purse, sun spurge, thorn apple, whitlow grass, wild radish 1-8 leaf

Directions for use

Apply Emblem Flo when weeds are between the cotyledon and 8 leaf stage. Application to weeds larger than the maximum recommended size may not be fully effective.
Apply at a rate of 1L/ha for maize, sweetcorn and popcorn.
Apply when the crop has between 2 and 8 leaves and most weeds have germinated. Do not exceed the recommended rate and do not apply more than one application per year.
The period of treatment must be determined by the growth of the weeds rather than the growth of the crop. To broaden the weed spectrum and give residual control, tank mix Emblem Flo with Flowable Atrazine 600 or Latro WG. Do not add additional surfactants or spraying oils.