Endgame is an insecticide for the control of aphids and whitefly in a range of horticultural crops.

  • Highly effective against target species – stops feeding in one hour, death in three days.
  • IPM friendly including safe on bees
  • Low toxicity
  • Rainfast in two hours
  • Translaminar and systemic activity in the plant – providing protection of new growth


Active Ingredient: 500g/kg Pymetrozine


Formulation:           Water dispersible granule


Crop and pest uses

Crop Pest
Lettuce Lettuce aphid
Peaches, Nectarines Green peach aphid
Potatoes Aphids
Tamarillos Aphids, whitefly
Tomatoes (field and glasshouse) Aphids, whitefly
Vegetable brassicas  Aphids


Directions for use

Endgame is best applied when agitation is maintained throughout mixing and application. Agitate thoroughly after a stopage before recommencing spraying.


Withholding period

Crop Days required
Lettuces 7 days
Peaches, nectarines 28 days
Potatoes 7 days
Tamarillos 14 days
Tomatoes (field and glasshouse) 3 days
Vegetable brassicas  7 days