Kamba 500


A selective herbicide for the control of difficult broadleaf weeds in cereals, maize, pasture, plaintain and waste areas. Controls atrazine resistant fathen in maize.

  • Can be mixed with glyphosate for improved control of clovers when spraying out pasture for renewal.
  • Controls Californian thistles, bindweed, fathen and docks.
  • Effective at controlling Atrazine resistant fathen in maize.
  • Nil plant back period for brassicas and 28 days for legumes.
  • Now registered for use in Plantain


Active Ingredient:  500g/L Dicamba 


Formulation: Soluble concentrate


Plant Back Period

Do not plant legume crops (peas, lucerne, clover, lupins) within 28 days of using Kamba 500. Grass, cereal and brassica crops do not require any waiting period.


Withholding Period

Do not graze treated areas or feed treated crops or threshings to livestock for two weeks after application.


Mixing and Compatibility

Kamba 500 is compatible with most commonly used herbicides. Add Kamba 500 first to the spray tank. Kamba 500 is active against many broadleaf weeds and is particularly useful in assisting the activity of phenoxy herbicides such as Agritone 750, Relay Super S, Sprinter 700DS and Baton 800WSG. Kamba 500 can be tank mixed with CRUCIAL (where white clover control is desired).


Application Information

Best control is achieved when Kamba 500 is applied to seedling weeds (3-5 leaf stage, or rosettes less than 5cm diameter). Unless stated otherwise application to larger annual weeds or established biennials and perennials will not provide adequate control.
– Do not spray outside recommended crop growth stages as crop damage may result.
– Do not apply Kamba 500 to turnips, swedes, forage rape or hybrid brassicas as severe crop damage may occur.
– Kamba 500 is injurious to clover and re-establishment of clover in treated pasture may be difficult for up to 2 months after spraying.