Nail EC


For use in mixtures with WeedMaster and other systemic or knockdown herbicides to improve the range of weeds controlled and the speed of knockdown.

  • Proven control against many difficult to control weeds such as alligator weed, cleavers, fathen, mallow, nettles and water pepper.
  • Zero grazing withholding period.
  • No plant back restrictions.
  • Rainfast in just 1 hour.
  • Rapid absorption and fast brownout.


Active Ingredient: 240g/L Cafentrazone-ethyl


Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate


Weeds Controlled 

Nail EC is ideally used as a companion herbicide with the WeedMaster range to broaden the weed spectrum on hard-to-kill seedling weeds and enable a faster brownout.
A tank mixture of WeedMaster, Nail EC and Pulse Penetrant will control a wide range of weeds including
Annual poa, bur medic, chickweed, cleavers, creeping buttercup, creeping mallow, fathen, fumitory, hawksbeard, nettles, oxtongue, perennial ryegrass, praire grass, purple mallow, rayless chamomile, scrambling speedwell, Shepherd’s purse, volunteer potatoes, wireweed.


Use recommendations

There are a large number of use recommendations on the label. Following is a snapshot of key crop/use situations. For all situations please refer to the label for label rates, and application instructions.

  • General weed control and ground preparation before planting crops or pasture.
  • Post cropping clean up sprays.
  • General weed control in industrial and commercial situations.
  • Seed potato haulm desiccation.



Application: For best results, Nail EC should be applied to small actively growing weeds. As Nail EC is a contact herbicide, complete coverage is necessary.

Spray drift: Extreme care must be taken to avoid spray drift as non-target plant injury is very rapid and visual. Follow good practice for spray drift management.

Tank cleaning: The active ingredient, cafentrazone-Ethyl , is prone to sticking to spray equipment. Always decontaminate with a suitable tank cleaner.