ReTain is a naturally occurring plant growth regulator which can improve harvest management, fruit quality and enhance storage potential in apples and stonefruit, and can be used in cherries to extend flower life.

Product Group: Plant Growth Regulator
Active Ingredient: 150g/kg Aviglycine Hydrochloride
Formulation: Water soluble powder


ReTainĀ® suppresses ethylene biosynthesis for better management of fruit ripening, increased fruit size and firmness, and improves fruit storage potential.




Benefits of ReTain

  • Improved harvest management allowing for more control of resources such as availability of pickers.
  • Reduction of fruit drop.
  • Delayed fruit maturation that allows for natural enhancement in size.
  • Maintenance of fruit firmness.


Directions for use

Apply ReTain when drying conditions are slower such as in the early to mid-morning period in order to ensure adequate absorption. If using foil mulch or reflective films, apply ReTain before laying down the foil mulch or reflective films.


Do not apply ReTain:

  • When trees may be nutrient, water, insect or disease stressed
  • To pipfruit within 7 days of any calcium spray
  • In the late afternoon or early evening if fruit are still warm
  • With management tools that affect apple maturity such as girdling, etc
  • If rain is expected within 6 hours of application


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