Sero 750WG

For control of broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley and oats, and for use in conservation tillage.

Effectively controls, clover, yarrow, thistles, ragwort, sheep’s sorrel, chickweed, spurrey, wild turnip, redroot, shepherd’s purse, fathen, scarlet pimpernel, twin cress and wireweed.

  • Low use rates and rapid rainfastness.
  • Short grazing/cultivation turnaround.
  • Proven performance.



Active Ingredient: 750g/kg Tribenuron-methyl


Formulation: Water-dispersible granule


For problem broadleaf weed control, Sero 750WG offers cost-effective flexibility and performance. With low use rates, and tank mixing flexibility. Sero 750WG is a versatile tool in cereal and conservation tillage weed management.


Mixing instructions

Measure the correct amount of Sero 750WG required for the area to be sprayed and add to the required volume of water. Continuous agitation is required to keep the product in suspension. Use Sero 750WG spray mixtures within 24 hours of preparation, as product degradation may occur.



Use a properly calibrated sprayer applying a minimum of 60L/ha. Avoid overlapping and shut off spray booms while starting, slowing or stopping, or injury to the crop may result.


Rate of application

For wheat, barley, oats: Apply 15g/ha Sero 750WG plus surfactant at any time after the crop is in the two leaf stage,
but before the “boot” stage. For best results apply to small actively growing weeds (less than 5cm tall or across) before crop canopy
closes in. Where treatment is delayed or where weeds are not actively growing due to adverse conditions, weeds may only be stunted or
suppressed. The following weeds are controlled by Sero 750WG: Californian thistle*, scotch thistle, wild turnip, chickweed, shepherd’s purse,
fathen, spurrey, scarlet pimpernel, willow weed.
*Delay application until after the majority of thistles have emerged and are at the rosette stage (10-15cm tall).
Thistles which emerge after spraying will not be controlled.
Apply 25g/ha to control the above weeds and in addition redroot, sheep’s sorrel, twin cress, wireweed.


Weeds not controlled

Cleavers, speedwells, wild oats. If these weeds are a problem add a herbicide registered for the control of these species. Do not spray Sero 750WG on cereals undersown with lucerne or white clover.



Sero 750WG can be damaging to other crops. Always ensure application equipment is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated according to label directions before use on sensitive crops.