Controls grass grub and manuka beetle in turf, cereals, clover seed and pasture, and black vine weevil in ornamentals using controlled release technology.

Product Group: Insecticide
Active Ingredient:
100g/kg Chlorpyrifos
Formulation: Slow release granule


What is suSCon Green?

  • suSCon Green is a controlled release granule that controls grass grub in newly established pasture and clover seed crops for up to 3 years.
  • It protects yields, maximises productivity and helps maintain preferred grass species.
  • Dust free.
  • One application. 3 years control against grass grub in pasture.




Why control grass grub?

Grass grub (Costelytra zealandica) is one of the most devastating agricultural pests for New Zealand farmers. if left untreated, grass grubs can cause large economic problems for farmers due to major crop or pasture damage and loss.

The grass grub larvae feed on plant roots, especially cereals, clovers and grasses, causing loss of production and persistence. When grub numbers are high they cause major “grass pulling” resulting in large bare patches in your pasture.

Grass grub is present in most parts of NZ, especially in free draining soils.

The adult beetle, known as the common brown beetle, flies at dusk from October to January and lays its eggs during this period in the soil approximately 5cm or deeper. The larvae are at their most destructive during the vital autumn pasture renewal period – from February to June feeding on live plant roots and grasses and clovers.

The larvae are creamy white in colour, have six legs and a light tan brown head. When the larvae are fully grown 3rd instars are typically 20mm long. When fully fed the larvae pupate in early spring. Typically, grass grub complete their life cycle in one year.

NB: suSCon Green is not suitable for broadcast or roller drilling methods of pasture sowing.