SARACEN MAX delivers reliable control of an extensive range of broadleaf weed across a flexible window of application. SARACEN MAX used in mixtures with other cereal herbicides in particular U 46 M further enhance weed control with broader spectrum.


Saracen Max offers flexibility to the farmer as a strong standalone cereal herbicide & as mixture partner with graminicides such as Brocar & with U 46 M, alternatively other phenoxies and fluroxypyr for resistance management and enhanced control of broadleaf weeds perennials

Henrik Pedersen, Product Manager Nufarm

Key Benefits

1. A highly effective combination

Well known Active Ingredients

A carefully chosen balance of Florasulam and Tribenuron-methyl in an optimised granule formulation for ease of use. The high loading with Florasulam 200 g/kg + Tribenuron-methyl 600 g/kg enables a low use rate. 

2. Controls an extensive range of weed

Proven performance

Controls an extensive range of broadleaf weed including Galium aparine. Proven performance on a wide spectrum of key annual weeds in both winter and spring sown cereals.

3. Flexible in use

Wide window of application and flexibility in dose

With a wide window of application and flexibility in dose, depending on weed size and condition, Saracen Max delivers reliable weed control despite the challenging spring weather.

4. Effective alone or in a program

Get better results with an integrated approach to weed control

Effective alone or in a program with other herbicides. As part of an integrated approach to weed control, Saracen Max can be used in sequence and / or tank mix with a wide range of other herbicides, allowing practical and sustainable weed management.

Targeted Weeds A-Z


>90% control (High Effect)


>90% control (High Effect)

Shepherd's purse

>90% control (High Effect)


>90% control (High Effect)

Wild buckwheat

>90% control (High Effect)


>90% control (High Effect)


The Perfect Match

Saracen Max. A strong product formulation

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  • Saracen Max offers convenience as ready mixture.
  • High loadings combined with low use rates
  • Broad weed spectrum with strong control of highly competitive weeds including cleavers (Galium aparine), mayweeds (Matricaria ssp.), Poppies (Papaver rhoeas) and more.
  • Long and flexible application window and at low temperatures across all the cereal crops (subject to the local label)
  • Mixture partner for many Nufarm cereal herbicides in the spring; phenoxies, fluroxypyr, clodinafop

Saracen Max with MCPA for increased benefit

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  • U 46 M is the primary product of relevance as mixture partner for Saracen Max to enhance weed spectrum and control, notably perennial dicot weeds and Thistles in particular.
  • The utility of U 46 M has been proven during many years and is now even more relevant as resistance management tool in weed populations with ALS resistance.

Other Saracen Max Combinations

Countries can inset 3rd option if they have other combinations they wish to promote.

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