Trial News – Nufarm Tank Mix Gives Superior Broad-Spectrum Control on Spring Grass Reseed

Nufarm has conducted three trials to determine the efficacy of different tank mixes on weed control during a spring grass reseed.

The trials, which took place in the North of Scotland and South West Wales, looked at the effect of different mixes on both straight grass and grass with clover, and produced some interesting results.

Trial One – Straight Grass

In trial one, a test field of straight grass was treated with a mix of Nufarm’s Squire Ultra and PastureMaster.

This novel test is the first time a clover-safe product – Squire Ultra – has been trialled in a non-clover environment.

Squire Ultra was chosen because of its ability to control chickweed, a common problem with reseeded grass, and seedling docks. The control of these two weeds were indicators of success in the trial.

Trial One – Results

The trial was assessed one month after application and both chickweed and seedling docks had been successfully controlled.

The trial was carried out by Nufarm Account Manager for Scotland, Iain Allan.

Commenting on the results, Iain said: “The Squire Ultra mix proved effective at controlling docks and chickweed and therefore, farmers and agronomists should consider using this in a tank mix. As a broad spectrum weed control solution, it worked very well.”

Trial Two – Grass Reseed with Clover

The second trial, also carried out in the North of Scotland by Iain, was a grass reseed with clover. The test field was treated with a Squire Ultra/CloverMaster mix with redshank and hemp nettle being observed as the control weeds.

Trial Two – Results

The test revealed that the mix provided excellent control of both weeds. As per trial one, the Squire Ultra/CloverMaster mix was also effective at controlling chickweed and docks.

Third Trial – Wales

The third trial was carried out carried out at Gelli Aur College, near Carmarthen, South West Wales by Nufarm Grassland Agronomy Manager, Brent Gibbon. It revealed that a 30g/Ha Squire Ultra + 2.5 L/Ha PastureMaster mix proved effective against a broad range of weeds, including:

  • Fathen
  • Black Nightshade
  • Shepherds Purse
  • Redshank
  • Chickweed
  • Suppressed Mayweed.

Brent said that the trials demonstrated that amidosulfuron – the active ingredient in Squire Ultra – was very effective at controlling weeds in both clover and non-clover situations.

He said: “As a spring application, Squire Ultra and PastureMaster or CloverMaster complement each other very well and provide effective broad-spectrum weed control, even for difficult weeds such as Fathen and Redshank.

“If applied at the 30g/Ha Squire Ultra + 2.5 L/Ha PastureMaster concentration, then one pack of each treats exactly four hectares.”