Nufarm Shares Triumphs and Challenges with Growers at Fruit Focus

Fruit Focus 2018, which took place in Kent in July, provided an excellent opportunity for UK growers to gather and share the triumphs and challenges of this year’s growing season. Fruit specialist Peter Newman and Nufarm Country Manager UK & Ireland Manager Simon Bishop were on hand at the event, offering expert advice on how to best manage pests and weeds, and protect your crops against disease.

With the event taking place at the height of this summer’s heatwave, unsurprisingly the impact of the 30+ degree temperatures on fruit crops and quality had been this year’s ‘hot’ topic.

The prolonged dry spell, coupled with in some cases with record-breaking heat, has caused a range of issues for fruit growers, with many hoping cooler, wetter weather is on the way.

According to Peter, another hotly-debated topic at Fruit Focus was innovation in the sector and finding out how support companies are developing their products.

As one of just three crop protection specialists that exhibited at Fruit Focus, Nufarm is dedicated to providing the best products to support the industry, helping growers control pests and maximise yields.

Peter said: “Nufarm has been trialing a range of different products aimed at supporting fruit growers in producing high quality crops.

“There are promising indications from trials with Nufarm’s novel plant growth regulator, Promalin, which have taken place on Gala apples on the Agrii Fruit i-farm at EMR, and with other leading commercial growers.

“Growers have also achieved good results with Prolectus for Botrytis control in strawberries, and the value of Kyleo for better control of “difficult” orchard weeds like marestail and nettles.

“The value of Borneo, as an effective alternative for control of two-spotted mite in strawberries, was also of interest.”

Fruit Focus also showcases the growing and development of UK vineyards, an area in which is suited to Nufarm’s range of crop protection products.

“English sparkling wines are a real success story, with the best producers matching and exceeding French Champagne in tastings from leading wine critics,” Peter said.

“Growers, however, need an adequate armoury of fungicides in our damper climate, and Prolectus for botrytis, and laminator for downy mildew, are important.”

If you missed us at Fruit Focus, why not come along to the National Fruit Show at Kent Event Centre, Detling, on October 24th and 25th where our experts will once again be on hand to discuss all things fruit crop protection.