Nufarm is inviting a new generation of agronomists to learn about the benefits of phenoxy herbicides while also encouraging those already working in the industry to rediscover phenoxies and learn how they can play a vital role in resistance management

The perfect partner to sulphonylurea herbicides, phenoxies such as DEPITOX are the perfect tool to add to your crop protection arsenal. Nufarm is recognised as a global expert on phenoxies with many of them produced at our global manufacturing based right here in the UK. 

We need to look at supporting chemistry to sulphonylureas. We need phenoxies, which are affordable and effective. They have been tried and tested for years.

Keith Norman, Independent Agronomist
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The ideal herbicide partner

Nufarm knows phenoxies

Why are phenoxies just as relevant now as they were 50 years ago?

The term phenoxies is an umbrella title for a group of herbicides that mimic the effect of natural plant hormones called auxins. Auxins are only found in plants and regulate growth, one of their functions is to make the plant grow towards the light.
When phenoxies such as MCPA, CMPP-P and 2,4-D mimic auxins mode of action, they cause the target weed to thicken and twist, effectively causing it to grow rapidly in a way that is detrimental to the weed.

With resistance management being an important factor in today’s agricultural climate, phenoxies are well suited to help agronomists manage resistance issues. The demise of several active ingredients in recent years has left fewer options for broad-leaved weed control in cereals and grassland. This lack of new herbicide modes of action, combined with a heavy reliance on sulphonylureas in winter and spring cereals has led to the development of ALS resistance in some broad-leaved weeds.

However, phenoxies combined with sulphonylureas in tank mixes can provide wide spectrum of control over broad-leaved weeds, such as adding fluroxypyr or florasulam to a mix, to give an added effect of cleaver control.

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