60% w/w diflufenican + 6% w/w metsulfuron-methyl. Combines two modes of action resulting in reliable knockdown and long lasting residual activity on touch broad-leaved weeds in cereal.

A water-dispersible granule containing 60% w/w diflufenican and 6% w/w metsulfuronmethyl.


  • Highly concentrated allowing low dose rates. It’s easy to handle and minimises application volume to save time
  • Two complementary MOA’S- the combines contact and long lasting residual activity gives peace of mind that your crops are cleaner for longer.
  • Works in cold conditions: effective from autumn to early spring across a wide range of weather conditions giving your flexibility to spray when you have time.
  • Is a weed resistance management tool: Combing two MOA’s safegaurds your choice of herbicides for the future.
  • Gives good selectivity applied alone or in combination