19 g/l gibberellins +19 g/l 6-benzyladenine. A plant growth regulator for fruit russet control and fruit size increase on apple, and fruit set increase on pear.

A soluble concentrate formulation containing 19 g/l gibberellins (GA4A7) and 19 g/l 6-benzyladenine.

Key features:

  • Proven benefits of Gibberellins plus 6-Benzyladenine (Cytokinin PGR) at 19 g/l.
  • Results show added fruit set, size and russet control benefits.
  • The two ingredients in Promalin contribute to increase fruit yield and quality: 6-BA stimulates cell division, and GA4+7 causes cell expansion. These effects only take place during the very early development of the
    fruitlet. The result is leaves and fruit with more cells and larger cells. In addition, the gibberellins help reduce
    fruit russet and improve overall fruit finish.
  • Widely proven in Europe, now available in the UK.

On apple, Promalin® greatly reduces fruit russet and improves fruit size, finish and

It is probable that Promalin® controls russet by increasing the elasticity of the outer fruit skin cells and prevents cell rupture when moisture is present.

On pear, it is probable that Promalin® increases fruit set by promoting parthenocarpic
fruit development when natural fruit setting conditions are poor or when frost damage