Panther Pro provides excellent residual control, complementing burndown herbicides in a tankmix or sequential application. An Ohio State University research plot photo from the Western Agricultural Research Center shows excellent control of marestail, giant ragweed and grasses with a preplant tankmix of Spitfire, Credit Xtreme and Panther Pro followed by Credit Xtreme applied post over the top.









Pre-plant application: Spitfire (20 oz./A), Credit Xtreme (32 oz./A), Panther Pro (15 oz./A)

Post application: Credit Xtreme (32 oz./A)

Photo taken June 26, 2018.

Powerful Weed Control Program

  • Spitfire provides true below-ground burndown of tough weeds
  • Credit Xtreme delivers powerful performance as a dual-salt technology glyphosate
  • Panther Pro is a 3-way flumioxazin premix, providing outstanding residual control, plus convenience