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Nufarm to introduce nematode seed treatment technology at Commodity Classic

[February 19, 2019] Morrisville, N.C. – Nufarm announces plans for the annual Commodity Classic Convention, including the introduction of Trunemco™, a new nematode seed treatment solution that helps soybean, cotton, and corn crops thrive. Commodity Classic, America’s largest farmer-focused convention, will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, on Feb 28-Mar 2. Nufarm will serve as a 2019 event sponsor with experts on-hand at exhibit booth 30 to discuss opportunities with Trunemco and other innovative Nufarm crop protection products. Company leaders will also discuss advantages presented by the addition of Nufarm’s new manufacturing facility in Greenville, Miss. Trunemco™ patented technology for superior nematode management Trunemco seed-applied treatment is a patented technology that primes plant physiology, activating its defense system for superior protection against nematode invasion. Trunemco microbial protection supports root health and seedling vigor. This biochemical and microbial solution is proven to provide higher yield profiles, less nematode damage, and improved handling ease. Learn more about Trunemco at Nufarm Booth 30 by the Main Stage Nufarm, a Commodity Classic event sponsor, encourages attendees to come and visit the Nufarm booth to learn about Trunemco. In fact, attend any one of the 10-minute True Nematode Confidence in-booth presentations to claim a “new protection” gift. Of-age participants can also enjoy beer in the booth on Thursday from 3:30 – 4:30 pm. The 10-minute True Nematode Confidence presentation schedule includes one media session and four trade show attendee sessions at Nufarm booth 30 (next to the Main Stage) as follows:

Thursday, 10:00 am – special media-only presentation with Q&A

Thursday, 2:30 pm – just before the Main Stage soil health program

Thursday, 4:00 pm – beer in the booth for of-age participants

Friday, 11:30 am – just before the Main Stage micronutrient program

Saturday, 9:45 am – immediately before the Main Stage corn residue program

Attendees can also learn more about the benefits of other Nufarm-exclusive products, including performanceproven Panther® Pro, Panther® SC, Duplosan™, and Credit® Xtreme herbicides.

Thursday, 1:30 pm – immediately after the Main Stage weed control program

Friday, 3:30 pm – immediately after the Main Stage positioning for profit program


Panther Pro – three powerful actives in the first liquid flumioxazin premix, providing pre-plant and pre-emerge control for soybeans to keep fields clean with excellent residual control of more than 60 broadleaf weeds and grasses. 

Panther SC – the first liquid flumioxazin available, providing excellent residual control of tough broadleaf weeds like marestail, Palmer amaranth, and waterhemp with speed and convenience.

Duplosan – an effective new alternative for post-harvest cotton stalk destruction in Texas, enabling growers to make maximum use of Enlist™ cotton varieties.

Credit Xtreme – a patented high-load formulation that provides excellent performance and crop safety on GM crops, including Flex cotton, and exceptional compatibility with phenoxy herbicides, even in hard water.


Salient™, Sativa®, and Spirato® premix lineup offers custom-fit convenience Nufarm’s broad lineup of seed treatment products provide convenience and flexibility to customers. Multiple unique, ready-to-use combinations shield vulnerable seed with the protection you need, including proven fungicides, insecticides and growth enhancement options that result in stronger seedlings and a better crop stand. For more information and a complete list of Nufarm Seed Treatment Products, visit


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US EPA approval of final label is pending. Trunemco™ is not currently registered for sale or use in the United States. Always refer to the final EPA approved label for directions for use and precautionary information.