Bareground Solutions

Nufarm offers a wide range of proven portfolio solutions to keep invasive pests at bay. Top performing herbicides such as Piper, Payload, Patron 170 and E-2 control hundreds of weeds while helping to reduce the potential for resistant weed development. 

Solution Spotlight: Piper Herbicide

Piper® Herbicide offers industry leading bare ground weed control that stays where it is sprayed. Piper contains two modes of action, including the newest active available IVM to control ALS resistant weeds. Piper provides industrial vegetation managers with added peace of mind, reduction in re-sprays, and valuable time and resource savings. Piper provides both pre-emergence and post-emergence activity with the excellent control of annual weeds and grasses, including brome, crabgrass, foxtail, kochia, Russian thistle, pigweeds and waterhemp.

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