Timely PGR applications help cotton, and yield, grow better.

Plant growth regulators are used mid- and late-season and play a crucial role in final yield output. In general, PGR applications from the matchhead square to early-bloom growth stages modify plant growth to direct energy toward better boll development. Late-season PGRs focus on priming the plant for a quality harvest through defoliant, boll opener, and/or desiccant activity.



Grow Better With Mid-Season PGRs

Promote boll opening for earlier harvest.

Super Boll plant regulator hastens the opening of mature cotton bolls, enabling growers to harvest earlier and increase recoverable yield.

Mepex: an industry standard PGR.

Mepex is a foliar-applied plant growth regulator which modifies the cotton plant allowing the management of short-season production with reduced risk of yield and quality loss due to delayed and prolonged harvest. Mepex reduces plant height, offers better boll retention, and helps improve defoliation for reduced trash and better harvest efficiency.

The kinetin makes it work even better.

Gin Out PGR goes beyond proven regulation with its unique mepiquat chloride + kinetin combo. Kinetin, a cytokinin plant hormone, plays a natural role in plant growth and health, especially during times of temperature or water stress. Gin Out works in several specific ways to strengthen root systems, promote earliness, and aid proper boll set – raising lint yield.


• Synthesis and accumulation of chlorophyll
• Leaf expansion


• Cell division and lateral bud growth
• Stomata opening and transpiration rate (improving response to water stress)


• Leaf senescence (particularly subtending bracts which drive boll development)
• Wilting (by alleviating negative effects of water stress)

Maximize Quality With Late-Season PGRs

Maximize quality with CottonQuik®, CutOut™, FreeFall® SC, Super Boll®, and Terminate.

Late-season PGRs prime cotton crops to maximize harvest quality. They synchronize boll maturation, leaf drop and plant desiccation to optimize harvest conditions – all while reducing the days-to-harvest timeline.



CottonQuik® accelerates the opening of mature bolls and minimizes regrowth for a clean harvest –⁠ even in cool weather (boll opener)

CutOut™ offers consistent, clean defoliation, removing mature leaves and new growth to reduce trash and preserve lint quality (defoliant)

FreeFall® SC removes juvenile growth while controlling re-growth, allowing for a no-stick, no-hassle harvest at optimum crop maturity (defoliant)

Super Boll® hastens the opening of mature cotton bolls, enabling growers to harvest earlier and increase recoverable yield (boll opener)

Terminate™ increases the natural ethylene synthesis process to quickly and effectively promote leaf drop and open cotton bolls (boll opener)

Successful Implementation Is Not Just Science, It's An Art
  • Different products will be more effective in different years, there is not a formula for year-after-year success
  • Rate and effectiveness will depend heavily on environmental conditions (rainfall, soil fertility, temperature, etc.)
  • Crop size, maturity, and spray coverage will also impact effectiveness

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