Trunemco Beats Them All

Nematodes cause an estimated $10 billion in yield loss annually. Protect your crops – and your profits – here are some tips:

Know Your Number

Nematode populations are spreading to previously unaffected areas and intensifying in number across key growing regions. Without routine scouting and testing, nematodes can go undetected resulting in yield loss.

The first step of any nematode management plan is to know your number. Start with a simple soil test to reveal pressure in your field. Then turn to Nufarm-exclusive Trunemco to conquer the count.

DID YOU KNOW: In one season, 200 Soybean Cyst Nematode eggs can turn into 39,062

See The SCN Coalition Lifecyle Sheet

DID YOU KNOW: Root-knot nematodes are spreading in key cotton geographies


Conquer The Count

Dual-defense Trunemco delivers leading nematode protection plus population management. Trials show fields planted with Trunemco-treated seed led to the greatest in-soil reduction of damaging plant parasitic nematodes.

Soybean Cyst Nematode Counts per 150 cc soil
Root-knot Nematode Counts per 150 cc soil

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Grow Beyond Status Quo

In multiple trials, Trunemco seed treatment outperformed the competition with yield gains in all crops – corn, cotton, and soybeans. The driving force behind winning yield is easy to see: less root damage from feeding nematodes has a direct correlation to yield increase.

Leading-level protection adds up! Our newest research revealed that an over treatment of Poncho® VOTiVO® corn seed with Trunemco netted nearly eight more bushels per acre.

See Soybean Trial Results See Corn Trial Results See Cotton Trial Results

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Nematode Management in Soybeans
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Nematode Management in Corn
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Nematode Management in Cotton


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