Azure Xtra


Azure™ Xtra improves harvestable yield and grain quality through enhanced in-season disease control. This premix fungicide delivers preventive and curative broad-spectrum control in soybeans, cereals and corn including soybean rust, leaf spots and powdery mildew. Azure Xtra is a proven performer in the south and mid-south where fungicide resistance is prevalent and in fields planted with hybrid or high-yield plant varieties.


  • Combats disease through curative and residual preventive control
  • Two modes of action deliver built-in resistance management
  • Formulated for easy aerial application methods



Application may be made as foliar sprays in alternating spray programs or in tank mixes with
other crop protection products. Apply Azure™ Xtra with the following times and rates:

For early-season suppression of glume blotch, leaf blight, powdery mildew and tan spot: Use 3.5 fl oz per acre. Apply this product in the spring approximately Feekes Stage 5. The minimum retreatment interval is 14 days. Apply by ground, air, or chemigation. If applied by chemigation, the maximum amount of water should be 0.25 inches.

For control of leaf diseases: Use 5.0-6.8 fl oz per acre. Apply this product between Feekes Stage 8 and 10.5.1. Protecting the flag leaf is important for maximizing the potential yield. The minimum retreatment interval is 14 days. Treat up to 30 days prior to harvest. Apply by ground, air, or chemigation.

See label for complete directions for use.


Application may be made as foliar spray in alternating spray program or in tank mix with
other crop protection products. Apply Azure™ Xtra with the following times and rates:

Coverage and penetration are important for best results. Use sufficient water volume to provide thorough and uniform plant coverage. Apply by ground, air, or chemigation. Addition of an additive with spreading and penetrating qualities will enhance coverage and efficacy.

For soybean rust: Apply 4.0-6.8 fl oz/A. Repeat at 14-28 day interval if conditions persist for rust development. Lower use rates may require a shorter spray interval. Depending on the conditions, application timing should be R1 (beginning flowering, approximately 50 days after planting) up to R6 stage (seed development), but could be earlier.

For diseases other than soybean rust: For best results, apply 5.0-6.8 fl oz/A and begin application prior to disease development. Use the higher rates under conditions favorable for severe disease pressure, dense plant canopies, or when disease is present. Contact extension personnel for local economic thresholds and timings for specific diseases in your area. An adjuvant may be added at recommended rates to improve coverage.

See label for complete application rates and recommendations.



DO NOT spray this product where spray drift may reach apple trees.
DO NOT use in nurseries, greenhouses, or landscape plantings.

Resistance management: No more than 2 foliar applications of this product or other strobilurin fungicides should be made per growing season. Do not alternate or tank mix with fungicides to which resistance has developed in the pathogen population.

See label for complete application precautions and restrictions.


EPA REG. NO.: 228-728
ACTIVE INGR.: azoxystrobin (18.2%), cyproconazole (7.3%)
FORMULATION: liquid (280 SC)
CHEM. FAMILY: methoxy-acrylates, triazoles
FRAC NO.: 3 and 11
MODE OF ACTION: Inhibitor of the Qol site and DMI
REI: 12 hours
SIGNAL WORD: caution
PACKAGE SIZE: 2.5 gal, 250 gal


Cereals (wheat and triticale)
Corn (field and seed)

(See product label for complete list)
Aerial blight
Alternaria leaf spot
Brown spot
Cercospora blight and leaf spot
Eye spot
Frogeye leaf spot
Glume blotch
Gray leaf spot
Helminthosporium leaf blight
Leaf blight
Northern corn leaf blight
Northern corn leaf spot
Pod and stem blight
Powdery mildew
Rusts (common and Southern)
Southern corn leaf blight
Spot blotch
Tan spot