With just one application of Nufarm Imazuron™, gravel yards and other intentionally bare areas are rid of 150 annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and vines. The residual control of Imazuron ensures that new weeds don’t creep up and the dispersible granule formulation prevents nozzles and injection units from clogging. Plus, Imazuron makes an excellent tank-mix partner with other Nufarm products like Razor® and Razor Pro to broaden the spectrum of control

• Provides knock down and long-term control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds,
vines, hardwoods, and grasses
• Excellent long-term control of grasses such as broadleaf signalgrass, johnsongrass
and sand dropseed
• Season-long bareground control
• Unique dispersible granule formulation won’t clog nozzles or injection units
ensuring easy application and even product distribution

EPA REG. NO.: 228-654
ACTIVE INGR.: imazapyr (7.78%), diuron (62.22%) 
FORMULATION: water-dispersible granule
CHEM. FAMILY: imidazolinone, substituted urea
GROUP NO.: 2 and 7
MODE OF ACT.: AHAS-inhibitor and photosynthesis-inhibitor
SIGNAL WORD: caution
PACKAGE SIZE: 4 x 10 lb