Weedone 638 combines 2 forms of 2,4-D to provide rapid penetration and translocation in tough to control weeds. Weedone 638 is the original Butoxyethyl ester formulation and was made to mix with liquid fertilizers. This product is an excellent choice for early and late season cold, dry or less than optimum growing conditions. Weedone 638 is labeled for corn, sorghum, wheat, barley, pastures/rangeland, fallow land, roadsides, fencerows, drainage ditches, perennial weeds and preplant burndown-soybeans and corn.

Major Crop/Use**

  • Small grains (barley, wheat) not underseeded with legumes)
  • Field corn, grain sorghum, and preplant soybeans
  • Ornamental turf, non-crop areas, fallowland, crop stubble
  • Grasses grown for seed production, pastures, rangeland, CRP


  • 2×2.5 gal/case – 36 cases/pallet
  • 30 gallon drum – 5 drums/pallet
  • 250 gallon tote
  • Bulk


  • 2,4-D Ester and emulsified 2,4-D acid (2.8 lbs/gal)

**Consult label for additional crop and rate information