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Trunemco™ is a nematode seed treatment solution that helps soybean, cotton and corn crops thrive. This patented technology primes plant physiology, activating its defense system for superior broad-spectrum protection against nematode invasion. Trunemco microbial protection supports root health, seedling vigor and uniform plant growth in crucial early stages. This biochemical and microbial solution is proven to provide higher yield profiles and application convenience — the kind that can make a true bottom-line difference. Stay informed at

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Seed Treatment Product Guide

Our line of seed treatment solutions includes multiple unique, ready-to-use combinations, making it easier than ever to select custom-fit protection to help grow stronger seedlings, better crop stands and healthier profits.

Sativa Seed Treatment Premixes for Cereals

Protect your crop, and your profits, with the Sativa® solution that fits your needs.

Spirato® Seed Treatment Premixes For Soybeans

Protect your crop, and your profits, with the Spirato® solution that fits your needs. Spirato seed treatments are available in multiple unique, ready-to-use combinations – select from fungicide or insecticide options.

Cereal Seed Treatment Comparison Chart

Nufarm is a global leader in seed treatment with more than 35 years of product formulation expertise. We offer a wide range of treatment options that provide solutions to today’s most challenging applications.