Vineyard Solutions

Nufarm offers a wide range of proven portfolio solutions to protect your vineyard crop. Top performing herbicides such as Credit Xtreme, Goal 2XL, Tuscany and Grapple keep floors clean. Fungicide leaders such as ChampION, Phostrol and Ultra Flourish dial back disease. Plus, insecticides Abamex and Nuprid 4F Max help turn the tide on damaging insect pests.

Solution Spotlight: GoalTender

GoalTender® is a water-based formulation that holds well to soil and performs at lower rates with less environmental load. It delivers burndown of existing broadleaf weeds at labeled rates and provides longlasting pre- and post-emergence activity on dozens of broadleaf weeds and grasses, making it ideal for residual herbicide programs in tree, nut, vine and vegetable crops.


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