Protect soybeans with Spirato® MTM 285 FS. The registered blend of three proven fungicides deliver powerful protection against devasting diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Fusarium without the work and worries of a custom blend order.


  • Fludioxonil protects seeds against rots and young seedlings against Rhizoctonia and Fusarium
  • The elevated rate of metalaxyl provides both Pythium and Phytophthora control
  • Thiophanate-methyl works with fludioxonil for increased control and systemic disease protection
  • Convenient to use formulation and packaging


  • 2 x 2.5 gal
  • 15 gal
  • 250 gal


  • fludioxonil (25 g/l)
  • metalaxyl (160 g/l)
  • thiophanate-methyl (100 g/l)

**Consult label for additional use and rate information