Morrisville, NC – February 20, 2023 – California golf course superintendents now have access to Anuew™ Plant Growth Regulator for managing their Bermudagrass and kikuyugrass turf in 2023.
In January, the California Environmental Protection Agency approved Anuew PGR for use on Bermudagrass cultivars on fairways and roughs, including 419, Tifway, TifSport, TifEagle, TifGreen, Champion, MiniVerde and Riviera turfgrass, as well as on kikuyugrass.

Brought to the market in 2015, Anuew’s prohexadione calcium chemistry provides superintendents with an important tool for improving the playability of fairways through fast and effective growth suppression of their turfgrass.

“We are excited to bring this leading PGR technology to superintendents in California,” said Blaine Pinkerton, Vice President, Turf and Ornamental Sales in the US for Nufarm.

“As a former golf course superintendent, I know superintendents value having the right tools in the market available to them and Anuew PGR is an excellent tool for superintendents looking to keep their course tournament ready and looking its best for members day in and day out,” said Jeff Eldridge, Golf Segment Lead for Nufarm.

“California superintendents are excited to look at how Anuew PGR can enhance the management program of their course’s turfgrass,” said Krystal Jenkins, Regional Sales Manager for the western US.

Golf course superintendents interested in learning if Anuew PGR can enhance their course can contact Krystal Jenkins by emailing [email protected] or calling (442) 400-4234. For more information on Anuew PGR, visit Before applying any Nufarm product, confirm that it is registered for your specific use. Always read and follow label instructions. Visit Nufarm’s website for the latest product information.

In addition to Anuew PGR, Nufarm offers a wide range of agronomic solutions for golf course superintendents, from go-to herbicides including Millennium Ultra™ 2, SureGuard® SC, Escalade® 2 and Cheetah® Pro; fungicides including Tourney®, Pinpoint® and Traction™; and insecticides including Arena® and Mallet 2F T&O. For more information and a complete list of Nufarm products, visit

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