Anuew Growing Degree Days

Anuew™ PGR and Growing Degree Days

Learn how to get the most out of Anuew™ PGR by utilizing Growing Degree Day models with Nufarm technical services manager Aaron Hathaway.

Premium Weed Control - Sedges

Premium Weed Control for Sedges and Kyllinga

In this short webinar, Nufarm’s technical services director Dr. Jason Fausey, explains how to achieve premium weed control for difficult-to-control sedges, including kyllinga.


Cheetah Pro + SureGuard SC - Premium Nonselective Weed Control

Premium Non-Selective Weed Control

Technical services manager Aaron Hathaway discusses how to get premium non-selective weed control with Cheetah® Pro and SureGuard® SC herbicides, available exclusively from Nufarm.

Pinpoint for Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot Resistance Management

Technical services manager Rick Fletcher discusses management of dollar spot and SDHI resistance using Nufarm’s Pinpoint® Fungicide.

Premium Herbicides

Why Use a Premium Herbicide?

Aaron Hathaway shows how informed herbicide choices can cut costs without sacrificing control.