Add valuable service offerings with solutions designed to keep trees and shrubs healthy and customers happy. Nufarm delivers powerful insect and disease solutions that tackle troublesome landscape pests from aphids and whiteflies to powdery mildew and apple scab. Grow confidence – and profits – with proven solutions that make it easy to offer care options for your customers entire outdoor space.

Solution Spotlight: Strike Back Against Whiteflies

Whiteflies multiply quickly and cause devastating damage to a wide variety of desirable plants. They also produce large amounts of sticky honeydew and objectionable black sooty mold. Consider top solutions including Safari, TriStar, and Distance, to fight back against whiteflies.

Strike Back Against Whiteflies

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TABLE NOTES: Residual Control take from product technical and label info, recommendations on earliest application intervals; Whitefly Efficacy taken from the latest IR-4 efficacy summary draft; Effect on biological control agents for whiteflies taken from Koppert, Biobest and some extension publications/recommendations.

*Residual control is influenced by many factors including weather, adjuvants, and method of application (foliar or trunk spray, soil drench…). This is especially true for systemic neonicotinoids. Foliar sprays will typically last 7-14 days on leaves that are treated (new growth that emerges after application may not be protected). Soil drenches will last several weeks or even months.

THIS TABLE WAS EDITED BY L.S. OSBORNE FROM IR-4 DATA: Orn. Horticulture Program Project Sheet Whitefly Efficacy,