Causes of tip burn; keys to success in Controlled Environment Agriculture

In this Grower Radio Network interview from Produce Grower Magazine, Dr. Don Wilkerson, professor emeritus of horticultural sciences at Texas A&M University, discusses the causes of tip burn and keys to success in controlled environment agriculture.

Controlling tomato growth via plant nutrition

There are many techniques to controlling the growth of plants. In this short video from NC State, you’ll see the affects of nutrient management on tomato growth.

Continuing it’s efforts to provide the best research of relevance to greenhouse growers, e-Gro has a video describing two methods for calibrating fertilizer injectors.

Green Industry Pros Interview: GreenCare for Troops Initiative at GIE

In this interview, Nufarm Regional Sales Manager Shane Barney discusses Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops program and Nufarm’s volunteer initiative at GIE 2017.

Greenkeeper App Demo from GIS17

Greenkeeper is an essential decision – support tool designed exclusively for turfgrass professionals by the Turf Program at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

HortTV Interview: Rick Fletcher on Spirato GHN

In this video interview from Cultivate 17, Nufarm Technical Services Manager Rick Fletcher highlights the features and benefits of the versatile fungicide Spirato GHN.

How to Apply SureGuard® Herbicide with a Backpack Sprayer

This step-by-step guide shows lawn care operators how to control weeds in landscape beds, tree rings, sidewalks and more. SureGuard® Herbicide from Nufarm offers fast, long-lasting grass and broadleaf weed control, even on glyphosate-resistant weeds. SureGuard offers the longest residual weed control on the market, for reduced callbacks and happier customers. 


Lawn Care Management Forum: What’s your advice?

Giving and receiving advice is a key to success in any business that relies on people to the extent that landscaping enterprises do. Landscape Management asked for concise advice at the recent Lawncare Forum and they’ve packaged it in two, to-the-point videos. Landscape pros share memorable words of wisdom they received–and have put into practice.

Lawncare Forum Advice-Part 1 (video)

Lawncare Forum Advice-Part 2 (video)

Nufarm Open

This tournament season, superintendents who use the Nufarm portfolio of pest and turf control products are the real winners on the golf course.

Pinpoint the threat of dollar spot

In the battle to maintain pristine turf, Pinpoint™ Fungicide is your NEW tactical advantage. Optimized for early- through late-season control, Pinpoint enhances your existing disease management program and delivers a surgical strike against dollar spot. This excellent rotation partner offers proven performance in university trials and delivers a unique, targeted active ingredient to help maintain spotless turf. Don’t just level the playing field, keep it immaculate with Pinpoint.

Rise of the machines: A look at greenhouse automation

With labor issues impacting many areas, automation has become a viable option for many activities in the greenhouse. In this Nursery Management Magazine video, Spring Meadow Nursery shows some of their automation in action, including a cutting planter, automated trimmers and sprayers, and automated liner grading among other implementations.

Scheduling Fungicides for Turf Disease Control

This replay of a GCSAA webinar covers approaches to scheduling fungicides. Dr. Rick Latin of Purdue University covers a variety of topics including principles of fungicide action that affect the timing and effectiveness of fungicide treatments.

The Pro Turf Video series

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Turf Program has launched a series of informative videos about the research, extension and teaching program at UNL. The topics and information shared will be of value to turf professionals across the country.

Three things to make your landscaping business a success

Marty Grunder shares his views on three priorities for ensuring the success of your business in 2018. In this webinar replay, Marty reviews 2017 to identify keys challenges for 2018, including labor, profitability, and standing out in the “sea of sameness” and how to address them.

Trees in Trouble: Saving America’s Urban Forests

Trees in Trouble tells the story of America’s urban and community forests: their history, their growing importance to our health, economy and environment – and the serious threats they now face. Through stories of everyday people on the frontlines of change, the film will show how community-wide efforts can save and protect our urban forests for future generations. Designed for audiences of all ages, Trees in Trouble inspires viewers to take action, and points towards first steps. Go to for more information on the film.