About Nufarm

At Nufarm, we help farmers get more from their land. It’s our purpose and what drives us to grow a better tomorrow.

We’re a partner for growth. We give farmers the products and solutions they need to increase yields and adapt to changing conditions.

We provide quality products, competitively positioned and reliably supplied, with the technical support and advice that growers need.

We stand behind our products and beside our customers—in the lab, on the land, every day.


Our products

Nufarm is a global specialist in crop protection solutions and seed technologies.



Crop protection:

We help farmers fight weeds, pests and disease. Our foundational products are classic, straightforward products farmers have known and used for years. Our differentiated products help improve yields or solve specific or emerging needs.


Our crop protection products:


Seed technologies:

Our Nuseed business and seed treatment operations are a united force. 

Our groundbreaking oil from our omega-3 canola is a seed-based solution that will deliver a new, sustainable, land-based source of long-chain omega-3 for improved health, while relieving the pressure on wild fish stocks. And our Nuseed canola, sorghum and sunflower seeds deliver high yields and unique plant traits with specific customer and consumer benefits.

Our seed treatment products help farmers protect seeds and treat for damage from insects, fungus and disease.


Our seed technologies brands:
Onyx, XXL Sunflower Hybrids, Monola