Make Nufarm CRUCIAL, Australia’s most widely registered herbicide, your only choice for over-the-top post-emergent use periods in canola. 

With the canola planted, it’s time to help protect your crop with the most efficient gram for gram formulation. Registered for over the top (OTT) on Glyphosate tolerant canola and in-crop use with pre-harvest registrations, Nufarm’s CRUCIAL is tailor-made for Australian conditions. With registrations for Truflex and Roundup Ready canola varieties, the CRUCIAL weed control you need is just a spray away.

Nufarm’s CRUCIAL is Australia’s most widely registered herbicide:

  • Registered for over-the-top (OTT) including in-crop over the top of Glyphosate tolerant canola and pre-harvest registrations.
  • Registered for Truflex and Roundup Ready varieties

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Nufarm CRUCIAL has a new look, with the same formulation you know and trust. Learn more about our grower-led improvements here.

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