Make Nufarm's CRUCIAL your only choice for over-the-top canola this post-em

Australia’s local post-em weed expert, registered for over-the-top use in canola. Nufarm’s CRUCIAL is our local knockdown solution with unrivalled performance and registrations.

Nufarm’s CRUCIAL is Australia’s most widely registered herbicide:

  • Registered for over-the-top (OTT) including in-crop over the top of Glyphosate tolerant canola and pre-harvest registrations.
  • Registered for Truflex and Roundup Ready varieties

With the canola planted, it’s time to help protect your crop with the most efficient gram for gram formulation. Registered for over the top (OTT) on Glyphosate tolerant canola and in-crop use with pre-harvest registrations, Nufarm’s CRUCIAL is tailor-made for Australian conditions. With registrations for Truflex and Roundup Ready canola varieties, the CRUCIAL weed control you need is just a spray away

Connect with your local WA Nufarm specialist

Want to learn more about why Nufarm’s CRUCIAL is your best bet for over-the-top canola this post-em or where to buy it? Connect with your local Nufarm specialist today.

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Wade Groth

Regional Manager
Western Australia

Tel/Mob: 0427 003 860
[email protected]

I have been involved in the agricultural industry for over 20 years and the one thing I enjoy above all else, is getting the opportunity to meet with growers from across the state and learn about their stories and see the passion they have for what they do. Having grown up in a small regional town, I understand the importance that growers have to all of the small communities around the country, and now living in the city I enjoy educating my children on the importance growers have on our lives from the food we eat to the clothes that we wear. Away from work, most weekends are spent involved in my children’s sports and being a Fremantle Dockers supporter I am usually hanging out for the start of the cricket season.


Lisa Furey

Business Development Manager
Mortlock & Mid North WA

Tel/Mob: 0429 223 579
[email protected]

I have been fortunate to work in various roles across the WA ag industry, including agronomy, soil nutrition and quality assurance. Working for Nufarm I have the opportunity to get back out into the paddock, helping to overcome individual problems with quality, Australian made products. As my family is young, I work on a part-time framework. I am so lucky to be able to combine the things that I am passionate about.


Darren Kidson

Business Development Manager
Eastern Districts & Esperance WA

Tel/Mob: 0407 162 999
[email protected]

Born and raised in the country, I have spent my entire working life in agriculture. I enjoy working in an industry that is constantly evolving, it is always presenting great opportunities and challenges. Working for Nufarm allows me to help growers and customers find practical solutions to these challenges, to enable them to grow the best crops they can.  Away from work I am a keen follower of horse racing and cricket and I am partial to a good craft beer and homemade salami.


Bernie Zahra

Business Development Manager & Horticulture Manager
South West Western Australia

Tel/Mob: 0429 368 052
[email protected]

I have been involved in Agriculture for the last 22 years, with it beginning at Muresk in Northam, W.A. In that time I have worked in Agronomy both in crop nutrition and protection roles, most recently in the UK Ag industry. Working closely with growers and customers to find sound economic and practical solutions is my passion. Being involved in local junior sport with three young sons playing cricket, football and wanting to go fishing, keeps me looking for time.

Australia's most registered

Registrations: CRUCIAL has the widest range of registered label use patterns of any glyphosate formulation, including pre-sowing, in-crop, over-the-top (OTT) and pre-harvest registrations.

Australia's most compatible

Compatible: Simply outstanding…The CRUCIAL formulation features outstanding compatibility, with a very wide range of tank-mix partners…. scientifically PROVEN by the most extensive compatibility testing ever conducted by the Nufarm labs. That means LESS hassle, LESS stress and MORE confidence.


Australia's most reliable

Reliable: CRUCIAL is the most reliable on the toughest weeds. When developing CRUCIAL we completed 100 in-field trials, making it Nufarm’s most extensive trial program ever. Combined with our most extensive laboratory compatibility testing ever, and you’ve got the proof that performance measures up to the hype.

Through working together as farmers, channel partners and supplier we can secure local crop protection solutions for Australians. Through our research, stewardship and our formulations, we’re an Australian agriculture partner through and through.