First to market glyphosate technology

Your all-in-one blueprint for that crucial advantage. Its first to market glyphosate technology; researched, designed, and formulated in Australia. It’s for the innovators, the ground-breakers, the growers like you, with the vision to move first.

Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group M
Active ingredient(s): 600g/L glyphosate
Formulation: Soluble liquid

We’ve cracked the code. Triple Salt. Triple Surfactant. 600 Load.

CRUCIAL by Nufarm is the all-in-one, the complete package, your blueprint for intelligent weed control. We’ve cut no corners, covered every angle and added cutting-edge detail, to make it easier for you. Streamline your masterplan with CRUCIAL, and discover the new benchmark against which success is measured.

Key features & benefits

      • Triple salt, triple surfactant, 600 load
        • all-in-one fully loaded liquid glyphosate package for ease of use
      • Unrivalled use patterns
        • widest ever label package of any glyphosate formulation, including in-crop over the top registrations in Roundup Ready® Flex® Cotton, Roundup Ready® TruFlex® Canola, Roundup Ready® Canola and canola hybrids with the Optimum GLY® herbicide tolerance trait
      • Excellent efficacy, rainfastness and spray-to-sow
        • penetrates the leaf and translocates FAST… meaning FAST brownout, SHORT rainfastness, 1 HOUR spray-to-sow and the confidence of a great knockdown job
      • Guaranteed tank mixing with other Nufarm products*
        •  Outstanding compatibility, with a very wide range of tank-mix partners


*With other recommended Nufarm products

Optimum GLY® is a registered trademark of Pioneer Hi-Bred

Roundup Ready®, Roundup Ready Flex® and TruFlex® are registered trademarks of Monsanto Technology LLC a Delaware corporation