Nufarm Botector offers Aussie growers effective biological protection against botrytis and rots in grapes, berries, and a range of fruiting vegetables. With Nufarms innovative biological fungice, Botector, you can effectively protect your most valuable asset. With a unique mode of action, Botector can be used at multiple stages throughout the growing season to protect your crop from infection. Botector works well to compliment conventional programs.

Product Type: Biological fungicide
Active Ingredient: Aureobasidium pullulans
Formulation: Water Dispersible Granule (WG)

Nufarm Botector is a biological fungicide that protects grapes and berries from infections by botrytis bunch rot/grey mould.

Botector now on permit for use in nursery stock (non-food), cut flowers and ornamentals.

Key features & benefits
Highly reliable and efficacious
  • Get outstanding protection against botrytis infections.
Unique mode of action
  • A resistance management tool.
NIL harvest withholding
  • Protect against botrytis with no delay to your harvest program.
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