Butroxydim, the active ingredient of Nufarm's Factor, was first designed, synthesized and then developed in Australia. Nufarm's Factor has demonstrated control of annual ryegrass where other products struggle. Nufarm's Factor can be mixed with other grass selective herbicides to give greater control of troublesome grass weeds, and can be used on a wide range of broadleaf crops including both summer and winter pulses, oilseeds and pasture

Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group A
Active ingredient(s): butroxydim(250g/kg)
Formulation: Wettable Granule (WG)

Nufarm’s Factor is a uniquely Australian herbicide built for Australian farmers to control one of Australia’s most troublesome weeds -annual ryegrass. 

Key features & benefits
  • Superior ‘dim’ chemistry.
  • Granular formulation with excellent dispersion properties.
  • Rainfast within 30 minutes.
  • Wide spectrum crop registrations.
Compatible Products