Nufarm's CanDo is a high performance canola oil adjuvant. The product is registered with a low use rate of 0.5%v/v or 500 mL /100 L spray volume. The 0.5% rate can be used with confidence to replace standard canola oil adjuvants that are used at 1%.

Product Type: Adjuvant 
Active ingredient(s): 500g/L ethyl esters of canola oil fatty acids 
Formulation: Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)  

Nufarm’s CanDo is made by reacting Australian canola oil with ethanol made from Australian grain. This canola oil ester is then mixed with emulsifiers and surfactants to produce an esterified canola oil adjuvant. Nufarm’s CanDo is pre-dominantly used with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. 

Key features & benefits
  • A robust adjuvant product that enhances product performance, 
  • A low use rate of 500mL/100 L of spray water,
  • Labelled for use with over 54 products
  • Backed by research