Nufarm suSCon maxi intel offers long term canegrub control thanks to sustained control release technology. With label registration for up to 4 years control of greyback and French’s canegrub. suSCon maxi intel also provides protection against negatoria, consobrina and Bundaberg canegrub damage for 3 years.

Product Type: Insecticides/Miticides
Mode of Action: Group 4A Insecticide
Active ingredient(s): Imidacloprid 50g/kg
Formulation: Granule

suSCon maxi Intel is a revolution in grub control, the result of nearly 40 years of Australian research. With one single application, it provides protection against major sugar grubs for up to 4 years. Saving you time and money, it’s the convenient, long lasting control that’s always on guard.

Key features & benefits
  • Controlled release technology for up to 4 years protection from sugar cane grubs
  • Unique, controlled release granules containing imidacloprid
  • Significant yield benefits
  • Researched and developed in Australia over nearly 40 years


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