If you grow cereals in Western Canada, you know wireworms are a prevalent pest. They can be almost anywhere and have a long life span.

As you consider seeding choices for 2017, don’t overlook a cereal seed treatment option that gives you disease and insect protection for the same price as fungicide-only products.

“You can pay for wireworm protection with other seed treatments, or just get it with NipsItTM SUITE Cereals,” says Roger Rotariu Marketing Manager for Nufarm Agriculture Western Canada. “Based on the suggested retail prices of other leading cereal seed treatments, NipsIt SUITE Cereals provides the all-in-one protection of a fungicide and insecticide, at a similar price to fungicide-only products.”

Growers can expect great seed and seedling fusarium control, complete disease protection and industry leading wireworm protection.

“With NipsIt SUITE Cereals you get control and peace of mind for key cereal diseases, plus the added bonus of “free” wireworm protection,” says Rotariu.

NipsIt SUITE Cereals contains three active ingredients – Group 4 insecticide (clothianadin), Group 3 fungicide (metconazole) and Group 4 fungicide (metalaxyl) for a  dependable combination for broad-spectrum protection from the most common early insect and disease pests.

Adding wireworm protection is a simple, stronger choice that will add to your bottom line but won’t cost you more with NipsIt SUITE Cereals.

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Always read and follow label directions.
NipsIt SUITE Cereals seed treatment provides suppression of wireworms in cereals and should be used in the presence of pest populations.
NipsItTM is a trademark of Valent U.S.A. Corporation.