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Western Canada

Assessing seed treatment options

Assessing the performance of your crops is a key part of planning for next year. Considering the pest pressures in your cereal, soybean and pulse crops is an integral part of choosing a good seed treatment option. Seed treatments provide valuable protection for seed and seedlings from pest pressures and help ensure your valuable crop can reach its full performance potential.

Nufarm has two effective solutions to the problems plaguing pulse, soybean and cereal crops in Western Canada: 

INTEGO® Solo and NipsIt® SUITE.

Aphanomyces is everywhere

Intego solo seed treatment

“If you’ve grown pulses in the last five years, your soil is probably harbouring aphanomyces.”

– Roger Rotariu, Nufarm Agriculture

There is general agreement among researchers in Western Canada that aphanomyces spores are naturalized across the prairies.

So, what do you do for this upcoming season? For starters, it’s best not to reseed pulses into the same fields. But to limit the potential spread of the disease, you’ll need the protection of INTEGO Solo seed treatment. INTEGO Solo is the only seed treatment registered to protect your pulses from aphanomyces.

“If you are planting pulses in fields where you aren’t sure about the level of aphanomyces, we still recommend INTEGO Solo to limit the increase of oospores, and keep the overall inoculum levels down for future growing seasons,” says Rotariu. “But more importantly, using INTEGO Solo in conjunction with other leading broadspectrum seed treatments will give your pulse crops the best chance for maximum yield potential and continued defence against disease.”

INTEGO Solo is a Group 22 fungicide registered for the control of pythium in all labeled crops, and phytophthora in soybeans, and also suppresses seed rot caused by aphanomyces in field peas and lentils. Because INTEGO Solo is a different chemical group than other seed treatments, it strengthens the fight against pythium resistance when mixed with other products. Together, the combination of seed treatments will provide control of other troublesome diseases like fusarium.

aphanomyces pythium phytophthora seed treatment

Free wireworm protection

NipsIt Suite seed treatment

“Get control and peace of mind for key cereal diseases, plus the added bonus of free wireworm protection.

– Roger Rotariu, Nufarm Agriculture

Cereal growers know that wireworms are prevalent across Western Canada. This insect pest has a long life cycle and can be just about anywhere.

Growers may look at their seed treatment options for cereals and just focus on fusarium and pythium protection. Adding wireworm protection is a simple, stronger choice that will add to your bottom line but won’t cost you more with NipsIt SUITE.

“You can pay for wireworm protection with other seed treatments, or just get it with NipsIt SUITE,” says Rotariu. “Based on the suggested retail prices of other leading cereal seed treatments, NipsIt SUITE provides the all-in-one protection of a fungicide and insecticide, at a similar price to other fungicide-only products.”

NipsIt SUITE contains three active ingredients – Group 4 insecticide (clothianidin), Group 3 fungicide (metconazole) and Group 4 fungicide (metalaxyl) – for an unbeatable combination of broad-spectrum protection against the most common early insect and disease pests.

Growers can expect great seed and seedling fusarium control, industry leading wireworm protection and the same growth enhancement effect as any other insecticide used as a seed treatment in cereals.

NipsIt Suite Fungisecticide all in one cereal seed treatment